The Fourth Call – Going Prorogue

I called Prime Minister Harper to thank him for opening my eyes to the notion of prorogation.

I’ve also included a bit of historical pageantry that you can learn about here.



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9 responses to “The Fourth Call – Going Prorogue

  1. You are too funny! I just love your daily phone calls.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Melissa

    Donnie I love this! Did he email you about the proroguing????

    • Thanks Melissa.

      Unfortunately, no. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet. It was only a couple of days ago. Though, like Santa, I’m sure he has a lot of letters to answer everyday.

  3. Mike Morrison

    Hahahaha… “I assume you own a ranch”

  4. Gayle

    Very funny. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Justin

    Brilliant! All that snow on the driveway crying for a shovel just got prorogued over here. Thanks, I owe you one…

  6. Lisa

    Just want to say how much I love these phone calls… especially the intro to Proroguing!! Fantastic.

    Can’t wait for the next call!

  7. Laura

    This is hilarious! Nicely done and nice point you’re making, I can’t wait for the next call! 🙂

  8. Nina

    Damned funny — thanks for doing this! You’ve got great timing and delivery, by the way 🙂

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