My Third Call “The Rabbit Hole”

SUBJECT: ATTN: Minister Prentice

Dear Mister Prentice,

What do you mean by “As Soon As Possible”.  If reducing emissions is not possible now, when is it going to be?





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6 responses to “My Third Call “The Rabbit Hole”

  1. kayorsonsweaver

    Keep going buddy!

  2. Greg

    We all pay for people who answer those pointless calls.

    • Thanks for your comment Greg.

      You’re right; it’s all about job creation in the end. I’m glad we’re on the same page!

      • andy

        Indeed. We also all pay for our MP’s to do their jobs… and sit in the House.

        Keep going dude!

    • Irene

      Letting elected officials know that we’re displeased with their performance is hardly pointless.

    • Ray

      You’re right Greg, this is much better than paying them to stare at a silent phone all day!

      Just when I thought I knew all the reasons that made these calls so great, you came up with another one.

      Thanks Greg, for making us all love these calls even more 🙂

      Ottawa, Ont

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